Sunday, May 16, 2010

Short Sleeves, Dry Dirt, and a Singlespeed

Teton Valley, ID finally has a little dry dirt to ride...thank god! I took the singlespeed out for its maiden singletrack voyage and enjoyed an hour and a half of dry dirt and sunshine. Greatness. I rode for an hour and a half because that is all the dry dirt there is at the moment. Ha!

For the locals, I parked at the end of Horseshoe and started on the Choo Choo connector trail, climbed Bovine, rode Southbound out and back, descended Bovine, and then back to the parking lot on the Choo Choo connector.

The singlespeed was super fun (fun might be an understatement) and a nice change of pace. The 32x20 was a good choice for the Bovine climb. More thoughts later once I have a little more time in the singlespeed saddle.

Southbound is totall dry except for the one section that is in the trees

Good views on Southbound

Bovine is SO fun to rip downhill

Don't even think about riding anything in the trees yet

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JenyJo said...

congrats on the maiden voyage!!

glad you got some DURT!!!