Monday, May 3, 2010

Skinny tires and cold hands

The reality of living at 6,200' is that spring shows up a bit later than in most places. Every year I go through this. I think that flipping the calendar to May will magically bring warm temps and dry dirt. Not so fast my friends. We woke up to 2" of fresh snow in the yard Sunday morning but luckily the roads melted off pretty quickly and we enjoyed a great ride to Targhee with JayP and T-Race.

The climb to Targhee is still very wintry

Saturday's ride was a combination of specific efforts and dodging snow squalls

A nice sunset off the front deck Sunday evening

This week is all about getting ready for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde. I have fork seals to replace, a brake to bleed, and pit stuff to a little riding to stay loose. I just hope its warm in Cortez, CO next weekend!


Vito said...

Phenomenal sunset!!! Wish I had that view :)

brandon said...

This weather is driving me nuts!

Will you be racing on a single speed or the sultan?

Dave said...

Brandon - I am racing the Sultan but taking the Air9 as well.