Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Days in St George

On our way south to Sedona we stopped in St George to ride two days and break up the trip. Lynda and Fixie took us out to Little Creek for a fun social ride on the slickrock. There was immediate perma-grin from the great company and perfect weather. Only 25 minutes into the ride I tore a sidewall in my front tire and had to tube it when Stans wouldn't seal it up. Fixie got a good laugh out of this as he still rides with tubes. Just minutes after fixing my flat, my Power Tap hub froze and turned my bike into a fixed-gear which made for an interesting ride back to the truck on the ledgy terrain. The ladies continued on while Fixie and I tried to repair my unrepairable hub. Oh well, shit happens.

I got to spend the day with two of my favorite ladeez

Michelle's new Niner...she is hooked and I think our garage may be free of 26" bikes soon

Little Creek is SO fun...well, the part I saw anyway. :)

We stopped at Over The Edge Sports after our Little Creek ride and Quentin set me up with a loaner wheel so I could continue riding. Thanks Q! Despite owning several sets of wheels I didn't bring a spare. Doh! Before getting on the road to Sedona, we rode Goulds Rim, Jem, and Hurricane Rim. Greatness.

Goulds + Jem + Hurricane Rim Loop is one of my all-time favorites


Ed said...


Sorry about the hub. Tee-hee on the tire repair :-)


Brandon said...

The Junkie needs a "fix!" What's up with the mechanicals? Hope the remainder of the trip is awesome and the weather stays nice for you. Looking forward to more dirt shots.