Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sedona - Day 1

Just a quick post after a couple days of riding from the Red Agave in Sedona. One of the best trails we have ridden so far leaves from the grounds of the Red Agave which is super sweet. No car needed once you get here. I feel like I have been fighting off a bug for the past two days so I haven't logged any BIG rides...yet.

Although not on most maps, the Made In The Shade trail is a twisty, ledgy, serpent of glorious rock and red dirt

The views here suck

The sunsets suck too


JayP said...

i can only keep dreaming...looks like fun!!
can you bring a little dirt home as a reminder of what it looks like?

brandon said...

Niiiiiiiiiiice! That looks sick. How long is the drive to Sedona? That may just have to happen.

Dave said...

Jay - I feel your pain! You know I do.

B - The drive is LONG. We stopped in St George to break it up but I am guessing 15-16 hours straight through.

Ed said...

There's a nasty, quick hitting bug affecting a lot of people lately, including JJ and I. I hope you fight it off.