Friday, April 16, 2010

Mingus Mountain Road Riding Crack

With our vacation winding down and the big drive home staring me in the face I was craving a BIG sustained effort. I love the trails here but I was in need of the kind of glorious suffering best done on the road bike and the scenic road over Mingus Mountain provided the perfect destination. It felt great to uncork a big one and my power on the climbs was solid.

Ride Stats:
Ride Time: 6:07:00
Distance: 110 miles
Climbing: 8,687'
TSS: 408 (yeah baby!)

Random Tidbits:
Number of road cyclists seen during the ride: Zero
Best place to refill bottles on route: The Jerome Fire Station (free)
Quality of pavement: Variable at best, but not the worst I have ridden
Clothes needed: Shorts & short sleeved jersey, and a vest for the descents (perfect)
Embrocation: Mad Alchemy Warm Weather formula


JayP said...


Rick LaBelle said...

That is huge, my were nearly to Prescott! Safe travels back.

ScottM said...


Love to map, nice!

Jerome is a funky place, eh?

Dave Harris said...

400+ TSS in 6 hours is in the crack zone. Nice!

Lynda Wallenfels said...


T-Race said...

Sweet! Good for you Dave!