Monday, February 9, 2009

It doesn't feel like training

Sunday was to be the last "real" training ride before the Su100 next Saturday but the collision of gorgeous weather, perfect trail conditions, stunning scenery, and so many snow biking friends on the trail left a perma-grin on my face all day.

Herds of elk were soaking up the sunshine

Herds of snow bikers were exchanging stories and sharing their favorite snow bike snacks

Highlights from Sunday's ride in the Gros Ventres:

1) Mike P.'s first real snow bike ride
2) Meeting up with JayP and T-Race on their way home from a 60-mile overnight snow bike ride
3) Michelle rallying to join us with just 30 minutes of notice after her original plans got cancelled
4) Riding with Chris E. for the first time all winter. (that just sounds wrong)
5) Jill's ever-present smile and infectious love of snow biking.

As for the training, now it is just a matter of rest + execution on my part. The work has been done and the foundation has been laid.


Anonymous said...

next stop is kick some butt at Su100!
good luck!

Anonymous said...

"Training", never really liked that word, sounds like work, eewwww!
Bikes are our lifestyle.

Have fun and be relaxed with the days to come, you are MORE then ready. UP,UP.

Anonymous said...

Woop-woop, Give em hell up north Dave!

Chris E.

Doug said...

Good luck in Alaska Dave. Looking forward to hearing about it!