Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fog eVader Breath Deflector

In my prep for the Su100 this year I tested a few products in an effort to be more comfortable and efficient in the cold.

RU Outside's Fog eVader Mask

One product that made a BIG difference for me was the RU Outside Fog eVader Mask.

On one of my coldest rides I struggled with keeping my glasses from fogging and with being able to eat and drink while bundled up.

After purchasing the Fog eVader, I simply cut a small circular opening for my mouth and I was able to eat small bites and drink through the Camelbak without removing the mask. Greatness!

Here is what I like about the Fog eVader:
1) Easy to layer - I can add it on top of my favorite beanie or balaclava
2) Does not restrict my breathing
3) Prevents my glasses from fogging as advertised
4) Allows me to eat and drink efficiently (after slight modification)without removing it
5) Any ice buildup is usually on the nose piece away from your skin

RU Outside is based in Driggs, ID and is owned by my good friend and fellow snow biker Rick LaBelle.

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