Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post-Christmas Fun!

"Check the weather, check the avalanche report, check the nordic grooming report, look outside, GO!" This has been our program since Christmas as the weather has kept us on our toes...but in a good way.

Take a guess at what we did on this day.

My plan Sunday was to get in a long snow bike ride regardless of the weather. The "High" avalance danger simply made the choice "feel" a little better since the snow has been piling up non-stop. JayP, T-Race, Jill, and I rallied for a ride in Wilson, WY on snow-packed backroads. It snowed non-stop all day.

Jill stuck it out with me til' the very end. Nice work Jillie-o.

JayP was off the front frequently in the techy sections.

With Michelle taking some well-deserved time off, we headed out for a snow bike today to see what the Big Holes trails were like. Yesterday's warm temps followed by temps in the 20s today left the trails firm and fabulous.

Kenai is an excellent snow bike buddy

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Amanda Carey said...

Good year for snow biking, eh? So much for that new dynafit setup!