Monday, November 3, 2008

Rexburg Cross Race #2

Seeing the Rexburg race promoters so excited about their own cross races and seeing the numbers increase from last week was very cool. This week, they pulled out the inflatable finish line arch, digital clock for the start/finish, and spiffed up their barriers with fresh paint. The cross stoke is alive in Rexburg, ID.

One of the things I love about cross is the mini-battle that can form within the race. My personal battle was with Jared who took 2nd place last week. My third row start position combined with him dropping a chain on the first barrier coincidentally had us locked in battle halfway through the first lap. I remebered how strong he was last week so I made it my mission to stay on his wheel for as long as I could. After a couple of laps of staying glued to his rear wheel I realized that I had a shot at taking him if I picked the right spot. With about 15 minutes to go, he bobbled a grassy corner and I attacked and got a gap. But Jared would not go away. Everytime the course doubled back on itself I could see him there, still coming at me. Meanwhile the fast guys were off the front doing their thing and I had no idea what place we were battleing for...and it didn't matter at all.

With two laps to go Jared found something extra and went by me on the pavement like I was on a tricycle. We came through the Start/Finish with 30 seconds on the clock which meant this was our last lap and he had 20 yards on me at the banner. Amanda was screaming "get on is wheel" and I knew that this is where I needed to be...but I was cross-eyed already.
When we hit the grassy section I pedaled hard through every corner and attacked the barrier. Suddenly I was on his wheel again and I had a plan.

I timed my attack on a sharp right-hand corner, got the inside line, and was able to execute the last barrier smoothly to hang onto my personal victory over Jared.

I congratulated him on a great race and we agreed that having someone to battle with brings out that "little extra" you wouldn't be able to summon on your own. Greatness.

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