Tuesday, November 4, 2008

42, Single, and Ready To Mingle

Tuesday is a little early to be talking trash before a big double-header race weekend...but Bergy & Fitzy should be a little scared right about now.

42 Teeth. So sexy.


Dave Bergart said...

Shaken in my sidi's. Looks good. Glad you jumped on the band wagon with Fitzy and I.
ps Never too early for trash talking.

Amanda Carey said...

what are you running in the rear...cassette? I'm changing to a 42 as well-bandwagon is looking good!

Dave said...

Amanda, I am running a Campy 13-26 but you Shimano/Sram folks have more options:
SRAM 1070 - 11-26
SRAM 1070 - 12-27
Shimano - 12-27
I highly recommend finding a 42 inner ring so you can run the bash in the place of the outer ring. This provides a better chainline in my opinion than runing the 42 in the outer ring position.