Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Solo prep

3 days, 23 hours until 24 hours of racin' in my backyard begins. I am mentally preparing for battle this year as several formidable foes are rumored to have entered the solo male division. You never really know who the competition will be until you line up at the start line but it really doesn't change anything for me. My race will be the result of my own execution and not how fast the others go out.

Staying positive is a big key for me and the iPod Shuffle will definitely come out after dark. If you see me off the bike at the top of a climb, don't be alarmed. I might just be gettin' my funk on like my homie Albert.


Anonymous said...


You crack me up. I will be thinking of this video clip all night while out at Targhee. Don't panic. I won't be racing (or dancing). I will be crewing for Travis Ward. Scared you didn't I. You know I did.

Seriously, I know you are well prepared and will have an amazing race.


Mike P

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Pringles, Dave!!

Chris E.

Anonymous said...

Dave has moved on to Sweet Potato Chips. I grab a bag at Whole Foods and had the bag gone before we got out the door. Yummy chips. Jackson Whole Grocers carries FoodShouldTasteGood but not that flavor... Yet! Have you tried chocolate chip?

Brad Mullen said...

Good luck Dave.

Dave said...

Mike P. - I have been wondering if you had decided to race. It will be great to have you up there. Don't heckle me too bad through the wee hours of the night.

Chris E & Jillie - I will be mixing it up with Pringles & Sweet Potatoe chips for sure. I have a chip problem. :)

Dave Harris said...

Ride smart, be strong and good luck! I have a sense you are ready to open a can of whoopass this year :)