Thursday, August 7, 2008

New additions

I have decided to pass on the Butte 100 this weekend. I would really like to support this race given how close it is to me but I feel like the smart move is to stay home and focus on quality training for the 24 Hours of Targhee.

I have riding some new 29" tires and I really like them so far. The Schwalbe Little Alberts weight 600g on the nose. They were a little finicky to seal up with Stans but they are holding air well now and I am riding them at 30 PSI front and 32 PSI rear. The cornering seems a bit better than the Racing Ralphs and grip in the loose stuff is way better. The widely spaced lugs will probably shed mud well too but I haven't ridden in mud yet with them.

Good tread for loose conditions

Snake Skin sidewalls for peace of mind

We have a new addition to the family. Colter came home with us last night after a great trail ride up Moose Creek. So now our mare, Peso, has a buddy. Colter is a 5 year old gelding and is very mellow and wonderful to ride. After losing our other mare, Serena, last fall we have been thinking about getting another horse and luckily our friend Joanne wanted to sell Colter.

Colter is a sweetheart

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