Sunday, August 24, 2008

24 Hours of Grand Targhee Quick Post

As I sit here typing, the tips of my fingers might be the only body part NOT sore.

I had the race of my life and a full report is warranted.

Quick Stats:

2nd Place Solo Male
27 Laps (2 more than last year)
27,000' of climbing
Very consistent split times (I am most proud of this stat)


Chris said...

Awesome Dave! can't wait for the full report.

Anonymous said...

Impressive Dave! You are like water on stone, you just keep coming!Congrats

Lynda Wallenfels said...

Fantastic! Your hard work paid off this year.

Dave Harris said...

Dave, you rockstar! How you can pull that off while building a new house is beyond me...

Congrats, enjoy that glow.

Ed said...



Anonymous said...

Last year I thought Dave was amazing, but I have to say that this year's race was by far his greatest performance to date. He truly had the race of his life. I want to personally thank you, Lynda, for all the time and effort you have dedicated to Dave in his training. He has rocketed ahead because of his hard work and your commitment to helping him.

Dave, I am SO proud of you, my best friend and loving husband. The earth shifted on its axis yesterday when you crossed the finish line. Next year, you'll realign the planets! All my love!!

Anonymous said...

Again, congrats buddy! As it has been said all of your training (which is crazy) has really paid off.

I really wish I would have been able to see you come throught the pits every lap and help out. It was nice to see you pass me looking strong a couple of times during the race though.

I hope your recovery goes well and we'll see ya soon.

Amanda Carey said...

NICE ONE!!! I just posted my race report-I am drooling with anticipation for your story!