Thursday, July 3, 2008

Post-Cream Puff Ramblings

JayP's jersey confirms that he is really an alien

#1) This just in, JayP is fast. And not only is he fast, his bike looks fast too. That Orbea Alma 29er carbon frame just screams speed and I am surprised you don’t see more of them being raced. In addition, he rode a WTB Vulpine semi-slick in the rear which is a testament to his bike handling on that course.

#2) We crammed 4 guys, 4 bikes, race gear, tools, food, and camping gear into my Chevy Tahoe for the trip from Victor, ID to Oakridge, OR and all four of us had solid races. You learn a few things about people when you travel that far with them. Here are a few examples:

- Mike Piker REALLY likes the Deschutes Brewery. I think we were 300 miles from Bend when Mike mentioned that we could make it in time for happy hour if I kept my foot in it.
- Gabe’s bike is nicknamed “Fiddy”, as in 50 Cent. That Gabe, he is so gangsta’.
- JayP doesn’t talk a lot of smack but when he does it is good. We were 10 hours into our marathon drive home when we stopped at a Subway for dinner-to-go. Jay went first and I followed him in the sandwich line where we both order turkey on wheat. At the register he leans over and says, “I see you copied what the 2nd place overall rider ordered for dinner.” Doh!
- I knew it was going to be a good trip when JayP broke out the vintage Toadies CD

#3) Climbing the 18-mile gravel section for the second time the sun, was baking us pretty good and when I rolled into the aid at the top I busted out with my best Nelly…sing it with me, “It’s getting’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes…”. I like to keep the aid volunteers smiling.

#4) I learned a cool trick from Mike for bleeding my Magura brakes that I can’t wait to try out.

#5) Executing the race plan and feeling good at the end was very satisfying and being able to share the whole experience and bike-geek out with JayP, Mike and Gabe for four days added to the whole experience.

#6) Scott, the founder and promoter of the Cream Puff, has endless contagious energy. We had breakfast with Scott and his wife on our way out of town and I was ready to shoulder a chainsaw and start building trail right then. He has plans for a new race that would make the Cream Puff look like NORBA XC race.

Scott's endless energy in action

#7) Carbonation may be the key to settling my tummy immediately after races. Often I cannot eat for a while after I finish but at the Cream Puff I grabbed a Pepsi and chugged it. This was of course followed by several glorious belches that would make my mother cringe and my tummy was happy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ramblings. They made me laugh.

Ed said...

From jj - LOL, I sing that song all the time when I'm riding and it's hot outside.