Monday, July 7, 2008

Great three-day weekend

Even though the WYDAHO XC Race was only five days after the Puff, I wanted to support the local race scene so I decided to ride it for fun this year. The legs actually didn't feel too bad and I finished about 7 minutes slower than last year when I gave it everything I had. This race is always a must-do; great course, tons of raffle prizes, and a fun post-race scene up at the Ghee.

Saturday was a social 60-mile road bike ride with Michelle, Tina and some folks from Jackson. While Jackson is packed with tourists right now, we enjoyed empty roads, great views, and fun ride from Victor to Targhee and back.

Sunday was a fun mtn bike with a twist. I borrowed JayP's 2008 Orbea Alma 29er for a test-drive on my home singletrack. What a hoot! I took it a little easy since this is Jay's primary race bike but I still got a taste of what this bike can do.

This bike wants to climb

I raised the seat 2cm, swapped Jay's 90mm stem for a 110mm, and added my Time pedals to dial it in a bit. With a setback seatpost this bike would fit me well. This bike really responds when you stand on the pedals while climbing and was more comfortable than I expected given my normal ride is a 4" full-suspension bike. Thanks Jay!

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i need a report dave. I'm dyin' here