Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday Night World Championships

The weekly group road ride in Jackson, WY is commonly referred to as the Tues Night Worlds and is often the most intense ride I do in a given week. Last night was the third consecutive Tues night ride I have attended and was by far the hardest for me yet. I would say that overall the group is still ramping up to their normal "rip your legs off" speed but there were moments last night when I had to dig deep to just stay in the main group.

Riding two-abreast at 26+ mph on gravel-covered shoulders is a bit nerve racking but I am getting more comfortable each time I go and I am learning to expend less energy in the pack. I still usually make one costly mistake per ride and last night was no exception:

-Dave gets in a 4-5 rider chase group that is working to catch the super-freaks at the front
-Dave takes a long pull at the front just as the chase group reaches the bottom of a climb
-Dave gets dropped by chase group on climb because he is toast from taking too long of a pull at the worst possible time
-Dave crests the climb alone and burries himself in no-mans land trying to catch chase group

It's all good training right?

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