Sunday, May 25, 2008

Temporary Mojo Loss

Since passing on the 18 Hours of Fruita, I have been quietly riding and training for the RIO Stampede (12 Hours of Steamboat)and really looking forward to my first mtb race of the season. But Thursday night I got an email from Lynda letting me know it had been postponed until August 9th. A major bummer, but RPP can't control the weather. In addition to my sudden loss of an immediate goal, the weather here turned again and we got 45F degree rain for three days straight. Having put in a bunch of trainer time this winter, I think I am a little burnt on riding inside.

I put off my planned Thurs intervals until Friday hoping to do them outside but then it poured all day Friday and the funk set in. I was letting this weather negatively affect me. Saturday morning I was drinking coffee and trying to rally for a trainer ride, as it was 43F and raining again, when Chris E called; "Let's get on the 'cross bikes and do a dirt road Belgian-style tour of Teton Valley". Within an hour my mojo was back and we were slogging our way around valley and having a blast. Thanks Chris!

I am off for a big-ole ride on the cross bike...

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