Monday, April 7, 2008

Snow biking in April?

Saturday's storm was just nasty enough to make me stay inside and ride the trainer but not enough leave much accumulation in the valley. I was craving a longer ride and when I woke up Sunday to 14F temps I knew the best option would be the snow bike. The high of 38F on Sat followed by the cold temps Sunday morning left my favorite snow bike trail in 100% rideable shape. Yeeehaaw!

Drifts covered the trail in a few spots but were rideable

The snowmobile trail grooming program is done for the season but as long as we continue to have cold nights the trails should be rideable for quite a while.

There is a LOT of snow on the ground above 7,000'.

It was 18F, sunny, and calm when I began the ride but about two hours into it the wind came up and the clouds began to move in again. I was quickly digging for my Micropuff vest and some hand warmers for the long downhill. The risk with snow biking this time of year is that the trails will soften from sun while you are out and the return trip could be too soft to ride. Early morning snow bike rides are a safer bet.


Unknown said...

Looks fantastic. I've only seen snow once up close and personal so riding in it seems fantastic. Great looking day, although sure it took quite a storm to put all that snow down.

JenyJo said...

i see too much white in them pix! you need a bit more green, a whole-lotta more red and brown dusty stuff.




Mr.B said...

..Starting just after sunset is another safe bet.
Snowbiking in the spring makes me feel like a vampire. But you gotta love floating around on the frozen corn.
Keep it up Dave.