Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Moving is fun.


Although Michelle and I are really excited about our new home, the process of moving is about as fun as a sharp poker to the eyeball. Ok, maybe not that bad. We have lived in our current home for eight years and it is amazing how stuff accumulates in every corner. We packed like crazy last weekend and we still have a lot to do before the movers come this Saturday.

I am really fortunate to have a very understanding wife and she carried the packing torch while I rode for six hours last Saturday in an effort to build some fitness and maintain my sanity level. On that note, I am really digging the Salsa La Cruz. The combination of the steel frame and slightly larger tires make for a seductively smoove ride. Yeah, I said smoove.

Question for the rigid 29er riders: Does your fork twist/flex when you brake hard. When riding my LaCruz, I notice that the front wheel jerks to the left (maybe 1/4")when braking hard on downhills. Is this normal? I am running Avid mechanicals w/160 rotors. Seems a little funky to me.

Anyone else going to the 18 Hours of Fruita???


Dave said...

I definitely notice some brake tuck on the Karate Monkey fork. Nothing asymmetrical that I've remarked on.

Unknown said...

Salsa El Mariachi here and tuck but no pull, not that I've noticed anyway.

Ed said...

Pace fork here, XT disc and never noticed anything like that, solid.

Moving SUCKS ;-)

I can sympathize.


Doug said...

Dave, I don't have a clue, but I was reading this blog entry from a Pugsley owner:


He replaced his brake pads and started getting some fork bending vibration that wasn't there with his old brake pads.

Anonymous said...

So are you racing Fruita on your sultan or ??? Who's the fitzy jersey on the race homepage?!

Need a hand moving? Gonna take a break and ride down at this end of the valley?

Chris E.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice brake tuck on the fork on your ride Saturday? Was it just a loose skewer?