Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Viva La Cruz!

Last year Mother Nature gave the cyclists living in Teton Valley and Jackson an early reprieve and we were riding dry roads in mid-March.

Although my brain wants to shift from riding the trainer and snow biking to long road rides and dry dirt, the reality is that winter is not over yet. The April sun will soon soften the snow and make snow biking impossible while huge snow banks will leave our roads a wet, slushy, gravel-covered mess for some time.

This is where the La Cruz comes in.

I am so excited about this bike project I can hardly stand it. The cyclocross frame gives me the clearance to run gravel-proof 28mm tires AND fenders if I want. Or I can run 38mm knobbies later in the summer for some serious dirt road exploratory fun. I will also run Avid Mechanical disc brakes. No longer will I cringe at the thought of riding long sections of muddy dirt roads or slushy wet pavement on my skinny-tired Orbea road bike.

Fitzy, is it in yet???


Anonymous said...

Lemme know when you get it. I'll join you on my Jake the Snake. Teton valley has endless dirt road riding!

Chris E.

Ed said...

I think you need a vacation from SNOW!


Dave said...

Ed - You don't know how bad I need a vacation to the land of dry dirt and sunshine!