Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brutally honest.

Today's workout was a rematch with 4 x 2:30 @ MAX effort intervals. My little yellow buddy doesn't sugar coat the truth. Compared to the exact workout a week ago, my average watts per interval were up today so that is encouraging. However, my mean maximal power for P5s, P1m, and P5m were down a bit compared to last week's numbers.

I love the fact that I can compare two workouts and know for certain whether I was stronger...or not.

Is there any feature in WKO+ that will let you compare multiple workouts side-by-side? That would be cool feature.


Lynda Wallenfels said...

WKO+ doesn't have that feature. What I do is pop it open twice then shrink the screens to fit side by side.

Unknown said...

So you reckon the fancy gadgets are worth the initial outlay? I'm trying to not get to deep into the hi-tech part of it but keep thing's simple. You see some guys hooked up looking like the guy from Robocop.