Thursday, December 6, 2007

A new focus

With the Susitna 100 only ten weeks away, I have a new focus and part of my plan to be ready to rock on Feb 16th is some high intensity work on the trainer which began this past Tuesday.

I haven't done many high intensity efforts since October and after this morning's session I am feeling it. In addition, the PowerTap does not lie and I don't really like what its telling me.

When I hopped on the trainer, both Tuesday and this morning, I had a preconceived idea of what my power numbers "should" look like. Granted, I have no historical data because I haven't been using the PT very long and never for trainer intervals. So it was really just a guess. Regardless, I was mad at that little yellow glob of plastic sitting on my handlebars by the time I was done today. I thought "you f'n liar..I am sending you back for recalibration!" Ha! Maybe it was the Metallica I had on the iPod but I was a bit grumpy after I had grunted and snorted my way to my final "lack of" power numbers. At least there is a lot of room for improvement!


Dave Harris said...

LOL those things are a PITA sometimes ;)

Make sure you have the torque zeroed out. On those days when I'm seeing lower than expected numbers I'll zero the torque several times, of course it doesn't help! But sometimes the first time it changes the numbers by 50ish watts. There's a glitch in the PT where the zero torque setting can actually be on a negative value...despite what all the experts will tell you. That'll make it read low...

Eric said...

Metal rulz!