Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Lunch Ride

Friday's lunch ride with Rick was a good reminder of a few key snow biking rules:

#1 - Bring extra layers, especially for the head
#2 - Drink early and often and carry a backup bottle
#3 - Pack plenty of warm clothes for the drive home

Turnaround spot at the end of Darby Canyon

Rick and his new Pugsley...we actually rode from Rick's house! He is stoked.

So my Camelbak hose froze right out of the gate despite me blowing into the valve after each drink. Let's just say I didn't drink nearly enough for a two hour ride. My feet were noticeably colder after only two hours and I believe the dehydration was a big factor. Dumb. These are all good lessons to learn on short rides close to home.

Big ride planned for Sunday!


Ed said...

Jeny and I have been putting green tea bags (lightly flavored) into our Camelback bladders and then pouring in hot water to fill it. The tea steeps, the bladder warms the pack, the back and the gush of warm liquid and comfy flavor on a cold ride or hike is out of this world.

The tea stays warm for a surprisingly long time and helps to keep the tube from freezing after blowing it and the nipple clear. No guarantees on ultra cold days :-)


Lynda Wallenfels said...

How about stashing your Camelbak nipple between sips in something like a cellphone holder on your shoulder strap and throwing a chemical handwarmer thingy in to keep it thawed out?

Dave said...

Ed - great idea...I often carry a tiny thermos in my frame bag.

Lynda - I like this idea. Some kind of upside-down pocket with heater pack in it!