Monday, December 3, 2007

Awesome winter weekend

This weekend finally "felt" like winter. We don't have a ton of snow yet below 8000' but it was 18F-25F most of the weekend and a bit more of the white stuff came down.

We started off Saturday morning with a group skate ski up at the 'Ghee, followed by a big 'ole breakfast at our house. Then the group rallied for a snow hike in gorgeous conditions with big flakes falling straight down the entire time.

Michelle was itching to get out for her first snow bike ride of the season so we hit Teton Canyon Sunday AM with Kenai and had a nice 90 minute ride.

Riding conditions are perfect right now since the canyon is still open to vehicles and the road base is firm.

Sunday afternoon I met JayP and T-Race back up at the Ghee for more skate skiing. Those two make the steep hills look easy and I had to resort to my "flailing crab" technique a couple of times near the end. I think my skating made some progress this weekend though because my glutes are sore today and I did have a few moments where I felt pretty good. Learning to skate ski on a track with lots of hills is good & bad. I am getting an incredible workout but I know I am working much harder than I need to because my technique is not great yet. If I can learn to ski well at the Ghee I will be flying when the flatter tracks open up. I also need to learn the step turn for the fast downhills. I had a spectacular wreck on a fast downhill trying to simply power-slide around the corner. Ha!

I am officially entered in the Susitna 100 , Michelle is entered in the Little Su, and plane tickets are purchased. Woohoo!


Jill Homer said...

Hey, congrats on the Susitna 100. Have fun training this winter!

Anonymous said...

What front rack does Michelle have there? Evingson? Let's ride this weekend. I need a plan for feb...

Chris E.