Thursday, July 5, 2007


The annual WYDAHO race on the 4th is my favorite local race and has to be one of the best race "values" around. The entry fee gets you a T-shirt, post-race burgers and beer, and a great raffle that always includes a brand new Rocky Mountain frame of some type. I think 90% of the people walk away with raffle prizes. It was a great way to spend the 4th!

10 hours of riding the prior weekend had me feeling a little less than snappy but its not like I am one of the "fast" guys anyway so I just pin it, work on some skills, and have a good time. I did shave four minutes off of my time from last year though so that is encouraging.

Michelle lined up for her first XC race ever and had a great race in the Intermediates. Nice job!

I did have a brain fart during my last lap though and I still feel bad about it. I was chasing a fellow Expert racer and was slowly reeling him in on the climbs on the backside of the loop when we came upon another Expert, Forest Dramis, running next to his bike with a flat rear tire. I was blown and so focused on how to catch and pass the racer in front of me that I did not ask Forest if he needed anything. I suck. After the race I went up and apologized to Forest and he told me that nobody offered him a tube and that he ran over half of the last lap. Again Forest, I am sorry man! I have stopped many times during races to help others but I dropped the ball yesterday. It could be me running next to my bike next time!

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