Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big Ride in the Big Holes

Saturday’s solo ride in the Big Holes was part training ride and part backcountry adventure. I had only ridden a couple of sections of the route and was looking forward to a big ride and seeing some new trails. Super loose trail conditions and running out of water only added to the experience and reminded me that it is better to over pack on a ride like this.

Quick Stats:
5:55:00 ride time
6140' of climbing
42 miles
A healthy dose of hike-a-bike, minor crashes, and shin-deep creek crossings

The ride starts at the end of Horseshoe Canyon, heads north, and climbs up to Relay Ridge on dirt roads and double track for nearly 2 ½ hours. This was actually one of my favorite parts of the ride.

After climbing 3200' and topping out on Relay Ridge, the backside descent is not exactly a "reward" for you effort. A combination of dry conditions and heavy moto use have left the trail loose and dangerous. I hate hiking my bike downhill!

After surviving the descent from Relay Ridge I finally scored the goods. There was just enough great singletrack mixed into the ride to keep the mojo flowing.

The North Fork of Canyon Creek has the potential to be one of the best pieces of trail within 100 miles of here. The pic below is a sample of one of the "good" sections.

However, the pic below shows what happens when a few motos have at it. The motos are absolutely within their rights to use this trail since it is a multi-use trail. I simply wish we had more than 10 miles of non-motorized trail in the entire valley. It seems disproportionate to me. This was another hike.

I would like to try this route again after we get a good rain. We had not had any rain since June 6th!


Anonymous said...

that's a pretty solid loop. how was the canyon creek north and south fork loop (FS 063 and 064)? looks like it would be a nice add on to the horseshoe creek trail. i'm new in town and just looking to find some new trails not on the cycling map i picked up. keep writing and i'll keep reading.


Dave said...

FS 063 is South Canyon Cr and 064 is North Canyon Cr. I have ridden the loop both ways and I like descending South Canyon Cr much better. If there was a better trail to get up there I would ride that loop every week! Try N Fork of Mahagony to access this loop too.