Monday, July 16, 2007

Teton Pass and the Cowboy Junkies

Sunday's road ride was my third consectuive day in a pre-Laramie Enduro training block. Since I have decided to skip the E50 on the 21st, I was able to train more this weekend instead of being in taper mode. There was a lot to cram into Sunday so I was up early and out on the road by 7:30am. The climb up Teton Pass is beautiful and mostly shaded in the morning and I had a great tailwind for the descent which means speeds over 55 mph! I finished the ride up with a climb up to Targhee.

Sunday's ride was interesting because my HR was super low for a given effort but I was able to turn over some big gears. I have had the low HR thing before but usually I have no power when it happens. I climbed Teton Pass in one cog lower than normal!

The motivation for getting the ride done early was the Targhee Fest in the afternoon. Our little ski resort attracts some great bands in the summer and there is no better place to kick back and enjoy live music outdoors. When the 2007 Targhee Fest was announced I immediately zeroed in on Sunday because the Cowboy Junkies were scheduled to play and I have been a huge fan since college.

Margo Timmons' voice is mesmerizing. The second song they played was "Cause cheap is how I feel" and the crowd was immediately into it. Kicking back in a folding chair listening to Margo while thunder clouds built over us and cooled the air was the perfect way to end the weekend.

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JenyJo said...

dave! nice to hear a bit from you again! vacations stories are always fun, eh? thanks for reading. yes, too many thoughts and feelings and evolutions working their way through the heart and psychee -- all in regard to the crew of people i have in CB, the place of CB, the spirit that is inspired in CB. it was a much needed space of time in that particular place, with those particular people.

a few quick thoughts: you're racing the Enduro! Sounds like a really great race! ED will be there! You two should hook up. I regret (damnit) that my presence is requiered ad a pre-wedding function and I will not be able to attend OR race. For-shame. But alas! It sounds like you're on target, and ready for a Grand Ol Time! GOOD LUCK!

also: the JUNKIES!!! i love the junkies. I saw them in boulder years and years ago. it was a great show. thanks for reminding me of them....

keep on gettin' on. i love reading your posts.