Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nevada Road Trip Details

The highlight, and the main reason for the road trip, was my Grandma’s 80th birthday party. I am very luck to have a healthy, active, and happy grandma so attending her 80th birthday at my parent’s home in Minden, NV was a no-brainer.

Other trip highlights include:

- 4 rides in 4 days

- Breaking my EC90 carbon handlebar while riding, and not crashing and/or dying

- Hooking up with our friend Kevin from the Bay Area for a great ride on the Tahoe Flume Trail

- Discovering an incredible section of the Tahoe Rim Trail 15 minutes from my parent’s home

- Hearing Michelle repeatedly yell “Woohoo, made it!” behind me after cleaning many of the granite ledges and drops on the Rim Trail. She really raised her game on the last day.

- Grinding out a 4 hour road ride with 5200’ of climbing on my 5” travel bike with 2.4” tires after my carbon road handlebar broke that morning.


Geoff said...

how exactly did you break that bar??

Dave said...

The bar story; my road bike was leaning up against the fence at my parent's house and when I turned to latch the gate the bike fell over onto the concrete driveway. A very small scuff on the end of the bar tape was the only "visible" casualty. I wasn't even mildly concerned.
So 4 miles into my ride I am at a stop light and when the light turns green I stand to mash and the right side of my handlebar breaks in half. Luckily the Campy shift/brake cables were tighlty taped and held the bar together temporarily.
A small impact like this should not cause catastrophic failure and the bar is on its way back to Easton. We shall see.

Dave said...

Nice shots! M and I are headed to Tahoe in September, I'll have to hit you up later for beta on riding.

FixieDave said...

Good stuff! Glad the bar didn't give in a rough spot.... its really kinna painful!