Monday, June 25, 2007

Big Ride Sunday, heavy legs, and the GDR

The two max-effort rides in the last week left my legs feeling like water-logged tree trunks on Sunday. This is interesting to me because the rides were only 50 minutes and 34 minutes respectively. I don't do many "go til' your eyes bleed" rides so I guess my body is just not used to it. I had a 6 hour ride planned so I chamois'd up and headed out in hopes that I could shake the cobwebs loose. Climbing Teton Pass felt ok heading towards Wilson, WY but my HR for a given effort was way low and I had no zip. From a training standpoint, I wish I knew which is more beneficial; calling it a day a bit early when you feel like crap or pushing on like a diesel stuck in low gear? I ended up riding 4:45:00 and climbing just under 6K' but I feel a bit guilty for not slogging through the last 1:15:00 of my planned ride.

Following the GDR each day has been a blast and JayP is laying down a legendary ride so far. According to Scott Morris' GDR table, Jay is 19 hours ahead of record pace through Salida, CO. EdE was able to pull into a shop in Salida, CO on Sunday afternoon and see Jay for a few minutes while Jay had his bike worked on a bit. It was great to read that Jay is looking as good as he sounds during his call-ins.

Late Edit: JayP called TraceyP from Del Norte this afternoon to report 106 degree heat. Yow! 800 miles to go. Jay has until Sunday, July 1st at 12:56:00 pm to break the current GDR record.


Lynda Wallenfels said...

The answer is not the same in every situation but in this one pushing on like diesel truck is the right one. A depressed HR is to be expected after a couple of intense efforts - the beauty of a power meter is that power is often not depressed, giving the clear green light to continue. Those gadgets on the bars mess with our perception more than you realize. If the cause of your malaise is non-training such as stress, lack of sleep or illness then cut it short.

I'm too gripped by the GDR reports. Jay looked vibrant in the photos EdE posted.

Dave said...

I was thinking about a power meter a lot on this ride and wondering if I was putting out decent power despite the low HR. My informal split times seemed pretty good even though I "felt" slow.
Lynda, your answers always make sense and your clients are lucky to have you as a coach!
The bottom line is that I should kept my sorry butt moving for another 1:15:00 on Sunday as planned. Doh! Can I have a do-over?