Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lunch Loop

I needed a "non training" ride today so I loaded up Kenai and headed over to Horseshoe Canyon where I heard the trail beavers had been busy. Once there, the rumors were immediately confirmed. There is a sweet new south-facing piece of singletrack that connects with the rest of the trail network there and probably adds 20 minutes of riding in one direction. Horseshoe Canyon is the first dirt that dries out here in Teton Valley so I am glad to see the additional trail. To the beaver responsible for this, thanks!

As you come flying around the corner you can just make out the jump.

If you look closely, you can see a pink kid's bike in tree as a warning you are about to hit the jump. Hilarious! Kenai wasn't too impressed.

One of my favorite pieces of downhill singletrack.

Just over the hill from the south-facing stuff lies the twisty and shaded singletrack goodness.

I basically just pedaled around for 90 minutes jumping off of every log and rock I could find while getting my head screwed back on straight. Stress in the personal life does bad things to my cycling life but today's outing helped. Tomorrow thru Sunday its back to a bit more focused training program before KTR.

1 comment:

Grizzly Adam said...

Sometimes a ride without an agenda is just the ticket to getting back into a groove. It helps re-discover the reason we do it in the first place.

Looks like a great network of trails.

See you the 19th!