Monday, May 21, 2007

KTR Meltdown

I pulled the plug very early into my race when the contents of my stomach and intestines decided to leave my body repeatedly without much warning. Sorry for being gross but there is just no other way to say it.

This is not how I envisioned my race turning out when I was pre-riding with Lynda, or during the many hours on the trainer while it was snowing here in Driggs, or during the time I spent looking at maps and planning my hydration and calorie intake strategy.

There is a big void where the soreness, fatigue, and sense of accomplishment should be and I am scheming ways to fill it quickly.

Huge congrats go out to:
Lynda – 5th overall in her first race back after surgery. Amazing!
Adam – I haven’t heard how his race went but he deserves huge props for his composure while dealing with “The Man”
Chris – the force is strong in young Skywalker

And to everyone else who finished!


Dave Harris said...

Dang Dave, tough pill to swallow. I know you were ripping strong and ready before your GI tract got reamed by the wee beasties. I had you pegged for a top 10 finish.

So what have you set your sights on now?

Chris said...

Tough turn of events Dave but good call. There is no return from that kind of GI mayhem out there.

You'll find a new obsession soon and be even stronger and more motivated by the experience. Nothing is a stronger motivator than failure for me. Heck look at what I've done because of my DNF at Leadville '05!

Jill Homer said...

Not a failure by any means ... just a bout of bad luck. Sorry to hear.

Chris said...

Eyyyy. Didn't mean for my comment to come off that your ride was a failure. Should proofread what I type better. DNF's produce huge motivation especially when it's just bad luck.

Dave said...

DaveH - June 9th, 24 Hours of Steamboat, 12 Hour solo category. I have a lot of angry metal on my iPod Shuffle to unleash on that climb. :)

Chris - no worries and no apologies necessary. My goal was to finish the KTR and I did not accomplish that goal. It is the first race I have ever dropped out of and I don't like how it felt so you are absolutely right in saying that it will motivate me.

Grizzly Adam said...

Ouch. Sorry to hear this Dave. You will be back and ready to rock soon enough. I am looking forward to rolling over more dirt with you later this summer.

Dave Harris said...

Wohoo that's a killer event and as you know I have a soft spot for Steamboat. Talk about leaving scorch marks on will rock it!

As it turns out I will be in Steamboat that weekend but not racing. I'll be in post GLR funk with mandatory downtime. I have good friends in town and together we may be announcing the event. If you need anything, be sure to let me know - before or during the event.

Geoff said...

good luck in steamboat. sorry about the tough luck at ktr. as already stated, something like this may be just the motivation you need to push through to the next level.

FixieDave said...

Dave sorry it didn't go as planed!

Was hard to run into you and Scott on the KTR and hear you guys say you were pulling the plug....

Good luck at steamboat!!!

Anonymous said...

Good try. At least you were trained and ready. It's not about the race, it's about how you got there. Good job. See you in Tahoe.

ssportsman said...

Dave, I'm the guy that crashed on Troy Built. thanks for riding/walking with me back to the Loma TH and then giving me a ride into Fruita..

I know how bad that DNF tastes, but some things are out of our control (said as I continue to dwell on my crash)..

I was hoping to see you at Slickrock, but I understand the need to just get away. Good luck at Steamboat