Sunday, May 6, 2007

Finally back on the bike

So how does the first day back feel after not riding for 13 days straight? Not great, but way better than not riding for 14 days straight! This cold has been a whopper and really zapped my energy level.

Got out for a rolling 2:45:00 road ride at an aerobic pace today to shake loose the cobwebs. As expected, the heart rate was abnormally high for a given effort and the legs felt like water-logged tree trunks. Mentally I felt great though and I could have ridden much longer but I decided to see how I feel post ride and go from there.

If I had continued with high volume after the Kokopelli recon trip I would be in taper mode right now but at this point I am not quite sure how approach the next two weeks prior to KTR.

1 comment:

FixieDave said...

Ride hard for a week then take it ez? Glad your feeling better!

See you the 19th!