Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Riding the rollers will tell you very quickly how smoove (smooth) your pedal stroke it. My pedal stroke needs some work based on yesterday's one hour roller session. Riding rollers is pretty new for me but so far I like them a lot more than the stationary trainer. Once I get up to speed I feel pretty solid. Getting started, taking a drink from the water bottle, or wiping the sweat off are the main challenges I hope to overcome shortly.

Tonight is another Indoor Cycling Center session at Fitzy's and I am hoping to do a big snow bike ride with JayP on Thursday and make a small contribution to his training efforts.
JayP is training for this year's Iditarod Trail Invitational and he wants to do an overnighter while riding from Togwotee to Slide Lake and then home to test out all of his gear. I will drive the two of us to Togwotee, ride with JayP for a while, and then head back to the truck solo while JayP continues on into the darkness. The weather forecast is for clear skies, highs in the low 20s, with a low of -3F so it should be nice.

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Doug said...

I started riding rollers back in the 70's when I road raced. It really smooths out the form. I do all my riding outdoors these days, I think I rode rollers once last winter. But I can still spin at 120 rpm while riding no-handed for 20-30 minutes at a crack. I'm not bragging, just pointing out how smooth and efficient rollers can make your form when enough time is put in.