Thursday, January 11, 2007

The eagle has landed...finally

Brown Santa gave me quite a scare last night. Typically he delivers between 3pm and 4:30pm but that window came and went. At 6:30pm I was sure that he wasn't coming and had resigned myself to another day of waiting. When the dogs sounded the alarm that someone was on the front deck at 6:45pm my mood perked up immediately.

After 4 1/2 months of waiting my Wildfire Designs FatBike frame finally arrived.

The FatBike frames are built by DeSalvo and shipped up to AK where Wildfire has them painted, preps them, and builds them up as complete bikes or ships the frames off.

The frame and fork have enough clearance to run Surly 3.7 Endomorph tires on Large Marge rims and the frame can do dual duty as a rigid 29er in the summer as well. FatBikes use a standard 100mm front/135mm rear hub configuration whereas the Pugsley runs a 135mm rear hub both front and rear.

I hope to get it built up tonight and take it out for a spin tomorrow.


Chris said...

I like color! Post a parts list too when you get it built.

BTW is it really -25 in Driggs right now? Holy cow. I'd need my new WM bag to sleep out in that!

Dave said...

Chris, our cheapo Radio Shak thermometer says it is -19F on our back deck at 7:30am. Yow! I should have the bike built up today if I don't freeze in the garage.