Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Around The Rock ITT

I can't seem to get this ride out of my brain so I am just going to have to do it once and for all. Mid June might be a perfect time to tackle this one if the snow on Grassy Lake Road has melted by then. New adventures in your own backyard are always fun!

The "Rock" refers to the Grand Teton

The Stats:
- 150 Miles
- 9,100' of Climbing
- 20% Dirt Roads
- Includes Grand Teton National Park Rd.
- Skirts the South boundary of Yellowstone on Grassy Lake Rd.


Dina said...

Jill D. and I have that on our short list too. She managed to do lot of it solo last summer. Let me know if you want a partner ... I've got to get in some big miles days in prep for the Fireweed400.

Dave Bergart said...

I've thought a lot about that ride as well. Count me in if you're looking for a wheel sucker. Maybe I'll have an e-bike by then.....You thinking counter clockwise?

Amanda Carey said...

Me too, me too! Depends on when/if I'm in town, but that could be a great day on the bike. Rd., MTB or CX bike?

Dave said...

I am thinking I will start in Victor and go counter-clockwise to get Teton Pass out of the way early. Right now I am leaning towards the cross bike, at least two tubes, and three bottles.

Anonymous said...

Parts of Grassy Lake Rd will leave your arms fibrating. I did part of ATR solo last July.

T-Race said... what bike will you use? I'd be interested in joining you.