Sunday, April 17, 2011

The MVP Of My Closet

This is the time of year when the climate differences between cycling-centric communities becomes very apparent. While in Tucson they have been riding in 90+F temps, the CO Front Range has been on dry dirt for a long time, and Fruita & Moab are hitting 70F on a regular basis, we are still stuck in Spring + Winter = Sprinter. Not complaining (ok, a little) those are just the facts.

Taken out our back door Thursday afternoon. I predict May 25th for a total meltoff in our yard.

There really are no bad days to get outside for a ride…there are just poor clothing choices. Let’s take today in Victor, ID for example. At 9AM it was 37F and raining with some wind. This weather used to send me to the trainer every time but now I simply accept that a little extra bike cleaning may be necessary. One of the key elements to my arsenal over the past two years has been the vapor barrier vest. Think of it like a greenhouse for your body.

The RBH Designs LiteWorks Vest.

The RBH Designs LiteWorks Vest weighs so little and is so thin that I can wear it under anything. How many times have you been on a cold wet ride and the moment you stopped moving (ie, expending energy) you start shivering? This is how I know that the vapor barrier vest makes a difference. The moisture between the vest and your body warms up and stays warm and also prevents your insulating layers from wetting out. Originally, I bought the LiteWorks Vest to wear for very cold snow biking but I am finding that it works on cold road rides as well.

Our forecast for the next week is not super-sweet so I have a feeling that the MVP of my closet will see some more use this season.


Jeff Higham said...

That LiteWorks looks pretty snazzy.

Lars said...

You inspire me! Sometimes your graphs and training schedule make me laugh a little too, mostly you inspire me

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