Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Utah Cyclocross Racers Should Come to Moose Cross

As one of the organizers of Moose Cross, I would love to see our participation grow and the Victor Bike Park benefit from that growth. Cyclocross promoters from Boise and Montana were kind enough to not schedule races on top of Moose Cross.

The Utah Cyclocross Series opens the same day as Moose Cross and I realize that it is always easier to race in your backyard. However, I thought I would give you my personal:

Top Ten Reasons Utah Cyclocross Racers should come to Moose Cross on Oct 2-3, 2010

1) Even if you skip the UTCX opener, you still have 10 races to accumulate points towards the series.

2) You can stop mid-race and quench your thirst. That’s right; our 2010 course runs through the Grand Teton Brewing property. We think beer and cross go together quite well.

3) We pay you to race. Each racer who travels 100 miles or more will be handed $5 on Saturday at registration. Thanks for coming to Victor!

4) All proceeds of Moose Cross benefit the Victor Bike Park…it’s for the kids.

5) Pro barriers: Regulation height, regulation spaced, and freshly painted.

6) The best cyclocross racers in the region will here. Come test yourself against the best.

7) I may be biased, but our course rocks! Triple barrier section, double barrier-to-run up, chicanes, the infamous “Narrows”, and some power-sucking, off-camber grass. Yeah baby!

8) Kids & Juniors race FREE!

9) Video footage of Saturday’s race will be shown Saturday night at the awards party. Here is the 2009 Video we showed at the awards.

10) We WILL NOT ask you to buy a number plate

Thanks in advance for considering a road trip.


StupidBike said...

you would have me,except I'll be in the Philippines.

Ryan said...

I've always thought Moose Cross sounded like fun, but just not worth it if I have a 'cross race here in Utah. UTCX always starts the first Saturday in Oct. Perhaps next year you should do Moose Cross the last weekend in Sep. I know I would come and I bet a lot of other people would come, certainly the Cache Valley CXers. Good Luck!

Eric said...

I will be there.