Sunday, September 5, 2010

The PCPP Non-Race Report

We are still in Park City where Team Byers had planned to unleash our individual furies on the 78 miles & 14,000' of climbing that is the Park City Point to Point.

We arrived late Thursday, had an early dinner, and organized some pre-race gear so that Friday could be as mellow as possible before the big day.

I woke up Friday to an angry tummy and repeated "red alert" trips to the bathroom. Ruh Roh. Food didn't sound good at all but I did a short pre-ride at Round Valley anyway and immediately afterwards I knew something was not right. By 2pm, I had body aches and chills and was lying on the couch. Dammit. By 4pm I was a worthless pile of mush and knew that I could not race the next day.

To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I had this race circled on my calendar for a year and I wanted to take a serious shot at breaking 9 hours.

More on race day and Michelle's awesome race later...


Grizzly Adam said...

When Michelle told us at the pre-race meeting that you were sick, I was totally bummed out. I was looking forward to suffering out there with you.

And congrats to Michelle on the stellar result. She crushed it!

Dave said...

Adam, I was very much looking forward to the group much so that I may have to schedule a "do over" in a couple of weeks.

Brad Mullen said...

Dave, tell Michelle I was very impressed with her effort and result. I rode behind her at Round Valley and she was smooth as butter and showed me some good lines. She is great. Sorry about the bad tummy and hope you get well soon. PH50 was a great eye opener for the P2P. See you next year.