Sunday, July 4, 2010

Has anyone seen my Fast?

I have called the Teton County Sheriff’s Department and reported my “fast” missing. I am not sure when or where I lost it but when I reached into my seatbag to pull it out during the first lap of the WYDAHO XC race on Saturday it was gone.

Pre-race pic taken by our friend Melissa

Prior to WYDAHO, my 2010 races have been 24 hours, 12 hours, and 8 hours in length and all three of them went extremely well for me. Then how is it that so many negative thoughts can creep into my head during a race lasting less than two hours? My disappointment is not so much with my placing but with the way I felt during the race. I lacked zip, snap, or spark and as I gradually went backwards through the men’s expert field I questioned my fitness and ability. This was not the pre-Cream Puff tune-up I had planned on.

Although we raced the traditional course in reverse this year, the distance and elevation gain were the same. My max and average HR were significantly lower than last year and my average speed was 1/2 mph slower which translated to a finishing time 5 minutes slower than 2009. Am I not as rested as I thought or did I simply lack the race-day "anger" needed to uncork a violent effort? Hmmm.

Have you ever rented a Uhaul truck? I rented one a long time ago that had a governor on the accelerator and no matter how hard I pressed on the gas pedal it would only go 50 mph. That is how I felt yesterday.

Congrats to the other half of Team Byers. Michelle took the win in the women's sport category.



I'm from Brazil
big hug for everyone. very nice your blog.

Brad Mullen said...

Hi Dave. Since I switched from XC to Endurance a few years back my snap, crackle and pop left me too. I've placed want adds looking for it, made phone calls and consulted friends and even changed eating habits (fewer burgers and less candy - kinda), all to no avail. It's gone! XC is a different animal that makes my legs heavy and downright slow, so you're not alone. At least your still a great endurance racer. See you at PH.

Dave Harris said...

Same here Dave. I have a hard time at XC distances - because of all the endurance's different. In the middle of a dedicated L5 block I can do a good XC but that doesn't happen too often. There are freaks like Tinker and Bishop that can do both well but we are not freaks!

So, pick your poison, drink it in enduro sized gulps and enjoy :)

T-Race said...

I heard your fast and my can of whip ass are on vacation in Oregon, waiting for you to get there! Wydaho was a social! I was only there for the cheese sandwich.

Unknown said...

I think Fiddy stole it!!

Eric Kop-ski said...

Yeah, what Dave and Brad said are true for me also, CX racing kills me as does short XC races...I'm just getting warmed up when it's over.

Amanda Carey said...

Your fast is where you planned it to be-at the puff! Good luck this weekend!

Hamilton said...

Going to the Teton Counties reunion ride this weekend in Oakridge? Well my friend, I am looking forward to some great stories, and hey, it is now just 368 days away for me!! Go hard, enjoy, and hey, maybe just let it all hang out there and go for broke! It works for me maybe 20% of the time ;-) Your fast could be out there lurking just beyond the left brain zone!!! I'll be thinking of the whole Puff crew this weekend for sure...go fast, go safe, and go heavy on the Technu!!