Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heading to Butte, but not racing

I am pulling the plug on my Butte 100 race this weekend but I will be there to support Michelle and all of my Fitzgerald’s Team homies who are racing.

The reality is that I botched my recovery after the Cream Puff and I am still cooked. I am learning that I need to treat the two weeks following a 100-miler with the same respect and attention to detail as I treat the two weeks leading up to one…and I did not. I rode too hard, too soon after the Puff and quality sleep has been elusive. My rides this past Sunday and Tuesday made it very clear that my body is nowhere near 100%. However, since I am notoriously stubborn I asked Lynda for her opinion and she confirmed what my “gut” had been telling me. I need more recovery time or I will pay a heavy price later in the summer.

For future planning, I think I can race 100-milers that are three weeks apart if I do everything perfectly and learn from the past two weeks but I also realize that I have little room for error when it comes to recovery.


Anonymous said...


I am sorry to hear that you are not going to be joining me in the sufferage. I am sure you are more disappointed.

You are a smart person and show a lot of self control in your decision. This has taught me to start listening to subtle things my body is telling me more closely.

You are going to make the PCP2P your bitch! You are going to come at the PCP2P like a spider monkey and scissor kick it in the head.

Anyway, I will see ya up there. Now you can join Piker, Saurman and I in the pre race beer session without any regrets for having one! Uhh, or two when noone is looking.


Hamilton said...


JayP said...

more ice cream!