Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Trash, Laramie Enduro Edition

The 2009 Laramie Enduro is almost here sports fans and there is an uncomfortable silence in the I thought I would break that silence with a little pre-race trash talk.

A race this BIG deserves it own garbage truck

The "who's who" of the Jackson cycling community are registered for this year's edition of the LE but who will rise to the top? Many questions will be answered this weekend in Laramie.

Will JayP and T-Race shock the world on the Love Shack?

Will my Cream Puff traveling mates form an alliance and try to soften me up with frequent early attacks?

Will Little TK surprise us all and show up unexpectedly...with a helicopter standing by since his wife could go into labor at any minute?

Well, to my competitors this Saturday, I will leave you with this: As you approach Aid #4 and your legs are on the verge of cramping, your lower back is seizing up, your lips are parched from a combination of altitude and hot wind, your drivetrain is making a strange creaking sound, and you think you are seeing Tiny Elvis behind clumps of sage brush, don't worry because the hardest 2+ hours of the race are still in front of you. Did you leave a little in the tank?

See you in Laramie!


JenyJo said...



Don't let it get to HOT IN THERE!!!!




Chris E. said...

Hey, I'm going to scoop your blog with a picture of your new dirt jumper if you don't put it up soon yourself!!!

Dave said...

Chris E. - I don't know what you are talking about...I am a serious mtn bike racer, not a dirt jumper. Ha!

JayP said...

Dave, we will see...

if your having trouble finding where to go just follow the heart shapped clouds of dust!

i'm also not sure if a 50 mile warm up is long enough for us to tame the last 20.

have a great ride!


T-Race said...

Oh Dave! Your soooo funny. Congrats on a great race!