Monday, July 27, 2009

Pierre's Hole 50/100 Pre Ride

Michelle and I rode the entire loop of the Pierre's Hole 50/100 Race course Sunday and I think it is going to make for a great race.

A few highlights from Sunday's pre-ride of the Pierre's Hole loop

I tore a hole in my rear Nano when we hit the Rick's Basin singletrack so I had to back track to fix it and therefore wasn't able to capture a perfect GPX file. However, Michelle's Polar 720i read 24.5 miles and 3,900' feet of climbing when we were done. This elevation is nearly identical to what I get when I draw the route in Topofusion.

Random thoughts from the ride:
- The new piece of singletrack off of Lot #5 (old road) at Targhee is going to be sweet!
- The initial double track descent could cause some carnage if you are not paying attention. There are some HUGE water bars and loose rocks lurking there.
- The double track climb back up to pavement is gorgeous and a rideable grade except for about 50' of rudeness.
- Riding the sweet Targhee singletrack in the opposite direction to the WYDAHO and 24 Hour race is a nice change.
- There is 5.1 miles of climbing on pavement (Ski Hill Rd) per lap and it will be a welcome respite for many.
- The long descent on Mill Creek singletrack is pure greatness. Fingers crossed that the cows are off of the trail that day. :)

LATE EDIT: Start/Finish will be at Grand Targhee Resort

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