Saturday, June 30, 2012

Views from the Cream Puff Pre-Ride

As I was staring up into the trees and looking out across the river, I had to remind myself to pay attention to the road since I was pedaling down Hwy 58. I took the scenic way back after my short pre-ride on the North Fork trail. There are more shades of green here in Westfir, OR than anywhere else I have been. The hillsides just ooze green and the humidity in the air adds to this oozing effect.  Speaking of humidity, it is higher than any of the previous years I have been here for the Puff.  The NWS says it is 72% but it feels higher to me.  It also looks like we will get a little wet tomorrow but that does not matter. We are racing bikes and it will be glorious!             

This deep pole looks inviting
Oregon's longest covered bridge

Selma has been here before

The view upstream from inside the Red Covered Bridge

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Good Luck!!