Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Knobby 9 to 5 Race Report

DNF after only three laps.  
Low back pain.  


Ed said...

That's a real bummer Dave, I'm sorry. Good luck figuring out a solution for that frustrating affliction.


Daniel Zvirzdin said...

Sorry about that again, Dave.

Adam Meyer said...

What a bummer Dave.

Have you ever been stretched by a trainer before/after races? It's made a huge difference for my lower back and leg muscle groups.

Dave Byers said...

Thanks for the comments guys.
Adam - I have been pretty diligent with yoga & stretching over the past year. I have not been stretched by a trainer but I have followed some specific stretching routines.

Adam Meyer said...


I've found that having my trainer stretch me (for ~45 mins) gives my legs and lower back a more thorough and much deeper stretch than I can achieve on my own. Might be worth a try!