Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Camp Lynda V5, Day 3

Day 3 Quick Stats
Route: 2 Counterclockwise Laps of Goulds + Jem (including out-and-back to Sheep Bridge) + Hurricane Rim
Miles: 46 Miles
Climbing: 5,853'
Ride Time: 4:38:00
Lap 1: 2:21:00
Lap 2: 2:17:00 (yeah, this hurt a little)

The Day 3 route is one of my favorite rides anywhere so I was really looking forward to it. Coach LW had me on a specific training mission today which was to "even split" my two laps while riding at my max sustainable pace. I am stoked to have nailed it.

Jem Trail Stoke, photo by Fixie Dave

Goulds + Jem + Hurricane Rim = Pure Greatness!

My nemesis, lower back pain, showed up for the majority of Day 3 and definitely affected my power at times. Having spent the last year working on becoming more flexible through stretching and yoga, this was very frustrating. My next attempt at eliminating my back pain will involve targeting the Psoas.

Strengthening my Psoas will be my next attempt at fixing my lower back issue

This year's Camp Lynda was the best ever. The routes were fun and challenging, the weather was perfect, and the people were AWESOME! After chasing the speedsters around the desert for three days I am highly motivated to work on my game.

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Hamilton said...

That matching helmet is so SNAZ!
Looks like you found the sweet spot weather-wise down there, don't want to sweat too much. Enjoy!