Saturday, February 4, 2012

Camp Lynda V5, Day 2

Like most Camp Lynda campers this weekend, I am sore tonight. And I dig that. You don't drive 9 hours to ride glorious dry red dirt with a group of endurance super-freaks and NOT ride yourself into the ground. At least I don't. My current soreness makes me happy.

Today's route was the entire True Grit 50-mile course and I chose to ride it on the singlespeed. Having not ridden the singlespeed since last October, it was a little awkward right out of the gate but Selma quickly warmed up to the idea of us "dating" again. If I race the True Grit in March it will be on the singlespeed...I am just not sure which gear I would run.

Today's Quick Stats
Distance: 45 miles (we skipped the pavement section of the True Grit course)
Climbing: 5,000'

Maybe the biggest Camp Lynda group start ever?

I rode the Salsa Selma Ti SS today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Now if I can just figure out how to push a taller gear before True Grit...

We rode the entire True Grit course, minus the pavement.


Daniel Zvirzdin said...

I ran 32x18 last year at this race and it felt good. What did you end up running this weekend?

Jeff Higham said...

Good to see you out there Dave!

Dan, just FYI, I ran a 32x19 and it felt a little under geared on the flat/open sections for me but perfect in the rough stuff. I think a 32x18 would be perfect for the race given there is a lot of that open riding on the back side. Zen is the only place you may be under water a bit on an 18t.

Dave Byers said...

Wow, you guys are making me feel like a big weenie. Ha! I ran a 32x21 on Saturday and it felt perfect the first two hours on the techie stuff...and then it was a tad easy later on in the course. But not easy enough to make me want to run a 32x18. Yikes! Brad Keyes was running a 34x18 though and seemed to get around the course just fine.

Jeff Higham said...

Dave, I was riding after a 2-day recovery, Dan is just a freak on a SS, and you had a day in you already. No shame in running 32x21 out there.