Sunday, August 21, 2011

Park City Mini-Camp, Days 2-3

The plan for Day 2 was to ride the remainder of the Park City Point to Point course from Tour Des Suds to the finish at The Canyons. This would have been a very solid day in the saddle. An untimely "incident" resulted in a shortened day and left a hunk of the course unexplored. Oh well, that just meant that there was more to ride on Day 3.

A few Day 2 random thoughts:
- I love descending Team Big Bear!
- TG is overgrown and will pucker you up at race speed
- When they built TG, 500mm wide "Euro" flat bars must have been the rage 'cause my 700mm wide bars do not fit between the trees. Not even close.
- The new section of Mid Mtn Trail could make you reconsider your tire choice

John's Trail, Aspens, Greatness.

Day 3 came with the added bonus of riding with Dave & Lynda. Woohoo! Since they were in the "neighborhood" after racing the Draper SuperXC on Sat, we hooked up for a ride today. Most excellent.

A few Day 3 random thoughts:
- The new Round Valley route rocks! (we rode this first)
- The Drift Road + The Steps climb, in the sun, is gonna hurt
- The Crescent Mine Grade descent, with the grass cut short so you can see where you are going, is friggin' awesome!

There typically isn't a lot of stopping involved when riding with these two but I had to get at least one pic at Shadow Lake

Be careful where you step off the trail to pee. Look at the stickers stuck to my Point6 socks!

When you see the Orange Bubbles, you are in the home stretch...finally


Sean D said...

hey dave, looks like good times. If you know any locals interested in a cheap point to point entry let me know. I will be having knee surgery instead of racing. Cheers Sean Doyle.

Hamilton said... everyone o.k.?