Monday, March 21, 2011

So there I was...

A)...lost in the Congo.

B)...shredding slickrock in Moab.

C)...riding the Teton Valley back roads in 36F rain/snow mix while heavily embrocated.

D)...huddled under a blanket within arm’s reach of Kleenex all weekend.

While Option A would have made for an excellent Blog post, I was definitely day-dreaming about Option B, and I had planned on back-to-back four hour rides fulfilling Option C, but in the end I was relegated to a sniffling & grumpy version of Option D.

Is it just me, or do all cyclists feel as if they are getting fatter and slower by the minute while lying around with a cold?

I have a couple more days before I start to get nervous about the longevity of my uninvited viral guest. We are heading to St George this coming weekend where M will race the True Grit 50 and I plan on simply riding glorious dry dirt in the sunshine.

Oh well, nothing epic to read here today, just move along to Adam’s or Scott’s Blog. Ha!

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