Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our St. George weekend didn't go exactly as planned

The pic that is mising from this post is of Michelle and/or her bike after the True GRIT race had been called off and Michelle was covered in mud and shivering at the finish line. With Michelle borderline hypothermic, it didn't seem like a great time to break out the camera for a Blog pic. Let's just say that I have never seen so much mud stuck to a bike.

You can read the full scoop on the True Grit race over at MTBRaceNews.com.

It was a frustrating weekend on two fronts: Michelle didn't get to finish the race and my head cold morphed into a sinus infection.

Michelle was riding well and actually dressed appropriately for the weather but the sticky red clay-like mud was just too much. She said that at one point she was literally dragging her bike because the wheels wouldn't turn and it was too heavy for her to lift. Yikes!

I was hoping to rebound from my cold and get some quality riding in. After a short 1.5 hour ride on Friday (I felt pretty good), I woke up Saturday feeling worse and things went downhill from there. Today is Day 12 of being sick and I think I have at least a couple days to go before I can think about training again. The 12 Hours of Mesa Verde on May 7th officially has gone from an "A" race to a training race for me.

Michelle on Zen Friday before the race. Photo cred to Dave Harris.

Me with a little body English on Zen. Photo cred to Dave Harris.

The storm was already building Friday and we finished our pre-ride just in time.

Dave Harris was rockin' the Milk Money with us on the Zen Trail Friday morning.

Lynda, being the wily veteran that she is, stole DH's down vest to stay warm before the start.

Look how clean and happy everyone is. Yeah, that lasted about 30 minutes and then Mother Nature threw a tantrum.

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Lynne said...

Dave I had the same thing for 2 weeks. Finally went to Dr Thomas at 4 Peaks and got a course of antibiotic, that kicked it finally, even tho it is a virus the erythromycin helps a ton. Hope you feel better soon.