Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pierre's Hole 50/100 Mile this Saturday!

The 2nd annual Pierre's Hole 50/100 is this Saturday, August 21st, and its not too late to join the fun! For those who need their beauty sleep, the 50-mile race doesn't start until 9am. I have chosen the 50-mile option this year and I look forward to mixing it up with the usual suspects. Speaking of usual suspects, there are several names suspiciously missing from the roster as of today. Let's support our local race scene people!

Singletrack, doubletrack, gravel, a little pavement, and a great scene at Grand Targhee

A few out-of-town folks have asked about the course so I thought I would post a few notes describing the different sections. The Pierre's course throws a little bit of everything at you but the best section in my opinion is the Mill Creek singletrack descent. Just reflect back to how great the Mill Creek section was while you are crying for your momma on the heinous Bustle Creek climb. Oh, its not that bad...on the first lap. The doubletrack descent down Dry Creek, following the first pavement climb, is fast! Watch out for the water bars on steroids and keep the rubber-side down through here. A race in Wyoming wouldn't be complete without riding through a horse corral right? After descending Dry Creek, the race course goes through some private property, through their horse corral, and back into the National Forest. Sweet!

Although I own a singlespeed, I have never done a complete lap of Pierre's on it so I have no idea what gear I would run. I thought about single-speeding this race...for about 30 seconds, and then I came to my senses. Ha!

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